Sara and I at semilla
Sara and I at semilla

My host family has a stationary bike! Seriously the best thing ever. Apparently some of them actually run. shanti, the 15 year old says she doeIt feels very safe in there and the flowers are beautiful, as they are at my host families house. sometimes. But the one who was most interested in my running was my host dad. He’s 72 years old and he says he runs 12k one time per week. They have a photo hanging up of him with his medal from a race on with a long description in Spanish basically of what a beast he is.

There house is nice. I even have a big room all to myself. Sara lives only a few blocks away. I’m gonna see if she wants to zumba with me. Its only about 15 bucks per month and exercise doesn’t have a language barrier! I can’t wait to start spinning on the bike too. I brought my band for abs and core too.

We saw semilla (the seminary in which casas is located) for the first time today. Its all gated up with a security guard behind tinted windows.


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