& we have liftoff

Already starting to lose it!
Already starting to lose it!

Sara and I had been in the air for 10 minutes when i realized that the change in air pressure had caused my waterbottle to explode all over all my important documents. i was looking down from the airplane and “track spotting”. Its crazy how much that tiny little oval means to me.

We are both so sleepy. I slep for like an hour in the car and had such a vivid dream about jordan leaman and aliens… Its been weird to go from nationals to Sara’s graduation to Guatemala all in about 36 hours. I haven’t had much time to grieve NCAAs which is maybe good. It was disappointing but I mean, Leaves me wanting more. Can’t Wait to start my training again for cross!

Today Im really grateful for alecs taste in music. We are so simple and happy together, which is exactly what i need. This is a confusing, but such a pivotal and exciting time of my life!

—–2:30 pm—–

Like seriously its not even dinner yet. how is that even possible? i finally got to my room and just stripped off all my clothes.


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