on the streets

From the archives:
made it through day one of classes. I’m so freaking tired and I want to go home. I wore my pink polka dot shirt and my white flowy shirt and my blonde hair down and got honked and whistled at sooo much. I didn’t know it would bother me as much as it did. It was so awful, I miss my emu boys who view me as an actual, intelligent human being. Some of the men here just stare so blatantly and when you stare back, they don’t look away.
One thing though is that I’m 6 inches taller than everyone else here and feel as though I could outrun them.
Speaking of running… I forgot that I’m actually still in shape. Like 2:11 800m shape. Nationals was 3 days ago. Its so weird running in this place, but I have the same body, which is a surprisingly comforting fact.
The bus, btw, was so crowded. Like honestly it was unreal. I’m pretty sure “street legal” is not a term these people are familiar with. Tyler and jeremy, if the cop who pulled us over came here, he would die of a heart attack! Haha


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