So I have to be downstairs for breakfast at 6:30! Goodness. Turns out its really not that bad because Guatemala is 2 hours behind EST which means that I never had to adjust my sleeping habits. I go to sleep at 10, which is midnight according to my body clock. 6:30 feels like 8:30. At night I lie in bed sweating from my workout that was almost 2 hrs before. Its impossible to recover in this humidity! Wish I had a fan… I have figured out how to fan myself with the door though, while still making sure no one seems me in my sports bra!     Image

I showed everyone the pics I had from home and they loved them. I was infinitely glad that I smuggled my phone home because even though it doesn’t work, I feel lost without it. I can still listen to music and look at my pictures which helps me with the culture shock. Its my semblance of home right now.


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