the first day at home

We ate cake on the first day. Still don’t really know why. I was afraid to ask. Wanted to break down crying the whole time. Instead I ate the cake. It was delish.

Then talked to the grandpa about his running which made me feel better. Wish there was a race in the city to run with him but the marathon here isn’t til august. Watched mission impossible in Spanish.     

Finally l got to read in English which kind of reinforced the notion that I am not incompetent which raised my confidence. Image

Went to help “mama” in the kitchen. She was quite happy. I dried dishes and she taught me how to make tortillas. I was terrible but we laughed together and I felt so much better. I even got to eat dinner alone in heavenly silence! And it was chicken soup! And then their cute little dog chaco and I played. Staying strong.


2 thoughts on “the first day at home

  1. LOVE this blog ! Keep at it – what a treasure it will be to you in years to come! Can Sara do it, too??? Love your pics! SOOOOOOO glad you are with a family that laughs! love love lovelove — we are off to the cabin to get it ready for the summer! Be back Monday.

  2. Love you, Hannah ! I am sure that things will look up soon ! I sooooooooo know how you feel! When I was in Africa I was ready to GO HOME when a friend from the states showed up and took me to a MENNONITE POT LUCK ! Just knowing they were there kept me for the full term. Can’t wait to hug you !!! (off to Denver, next. Med. meeting. You mom suggested I take a puzzle…….not a bad idea! love love love love and more.

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