Crossing the Street

ImageSara and I snuggled and listened to american music when she came over to see my house today. We live in two different gated communities separated by a fairly busy street. I walked Sara to the gate to watch and make sure she made it back to her community safe. It honestly took her 5 minutes to cross the street. The cars just keep coming. You really have to assert yourself, which is something Sara is still learning. I’ve been like that forever though. My one personality characteristic that actually benefits me here. 

My characteristics that aren’t great for travelling: impatience, introversion, need for routine, organization, and familiarity, need to feel socially and intellectually competent, easily irritable, easily bored without meaningful work 

My characteristics that are: …um. not scared to take charge or make a first move, outgoing, generally friendly, energetic & athletic, independent, intrinsically motivated


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