Presidential Palace

We rode a school bus today on the way home from the presidential palace of Guatemala. Wow! We saw the place where the 12 Peace accords were signed, a really important piece of legislation that (in theory) ended 36 years of fighting between the US implemented dictatorship (protection from suspected communist intentions) and the rebel guerilla fighters, I believe. This happened in 1996. We also saw “ground zero” of guate, where all latitude and longitude type measurements in the country originate. There were also some really interesting murals depicting the history of the Spaniards integrating (read: overtaking) with the Mayans. The man who was translating our tour guide is a professor at St. Michael’s college, but is also a graduate of EMU! He was very deliberate in his word choice and continuously made sure we understood that this history, although based in truth, is heavily constructed by those in power.Image


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