Around the House



Today for breakfast, we had cornflakes and white bread with a bean spread. The only thing was, the milk was hot!! I guess they like their cereal mushy. Also, at the end of the meal I got some sweet bread, which was so good! 

I’ve been worried about getting up at 6:25 but honestly I’ve been waking up at 5:50 usually. I am able to fall right asleep when I go to bed at 10 because I’m so tired.

Funny story: my host mom gave me a towel today. I just had no idea how to explain my giant sham-wow in Spanish (or, honestly, in English haha) so I just took it graciously.

Had a lot of tarea today. Listened to Alec’s sappy country music playlist to help me maintain my identity as a ‘merican. I swear I might even like country by the end of this trip.


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