Many Questions

we are sitting in a square waiting for the bus. I just bought some sunglasses from a vender, which I bargained down from Q35 to Q30. That’s about $3.75. I was real proud of myself until I remembered reading in the guide book about how this is these merchants only source of income. With great privilege comes great responsibility. I can afford to pay the price they ask, so why shouldn’t I? There’s a fine line here somewhere between having empathy and being taken advantage of. Where do I stand?
Also, they are passing out free samples of this new grapefruit pop called “Ting”. A woman in a tight, short green dress was leaning waaaaay down to pass them out. It looked like she was wearing like, a fake booty. The man with her was doing all the talking while she p20140602_110424rovocatively opened bottles and poured samples. It was fascinating. Great pop, though! Haha


One thought on “Many Questions

  1. Where do you stand on ethical issues that you have never before had to face is a hard question. Is there a safety issue? If you pay full price right away will word go around – “see that girl, a real sucker….” and you get swarmed? The for sure thing is that your heart, even, no ESPECIALLY full of questions is full and generous and strong and loving.

    So there.

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