End of the First Week


Mmmm got home from school today and my host mom served me “platinos y manjar” or something? Basically a fried plantain with some milk custard stuff inside. Yum! 

Class was cancelled yoday because the prof didn’t show up. Sara and I hung out and Skyped for the afternoon. Nice to see my parents again. Family Skype aw 🙂 maybe once I leave, Sara will find a new tablet or phone (hers died for good the 2nd day here) and we can family Skype with Sara on one line and the 3 of us on the other. Like me at college 🙂 can’t wait to be home. I didn’t even run today, that’s how tired I am. Hiding in my room til dinner at 7:30. I tried to buy a stamp at the desk this afternoon but I opened my mouth and no Spanish came out. I’m so brain dead, I think I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned this week. A quarter done here. First lap: check! (Oh gosh, 3 more laps for the mile. Long way to go. Not helpful, track metaphor!)Image


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