Neural Overload

So last week I had a bit of an identity crisis when the combination of time off running and the feeling of complete incompetence due to the non-conversational status of my Spanish (of which I felt obligated to speak solely in, as honestly that’s the only way to learn but good lord, its exhausting. I probably shouldn’t free myself from that obligation, but my mood has been improving exponentially. I’m only human..?) completely defeated me. But I got my butt up and went for a run and am now voraciously reading my assigned (in English, hurray!) text, “Social Movements in Central America”, as well as J. H. Yoder’s “The Politics of Jesus”, which I have been meaning to read all year. I haven’t done a lot of critical thinking in the past month (critically analyzing my races in the postseason sure doesn’t count) and I’m really excited to fire up the ol’ brain engines again. Quick, tell me a book that is worth a read!20140602_223000


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