Random Everyday Stuff


We rode the bus home in the rain, which meant the 23 people in the 12 passenger van were crammed in with the doors AND windows closed! It was really coming down. I got home and taught my family some core exercises. Its so humid I started sweating and can’t stop. Then they were all jumping and trying to touch the (low) ceiling. Funny group, but quite unathletic haha. 

I heard some sirens and worried about Sara but reassumed myself with the thought that if something bad happened, they probably wouldn’t call the police. They aren’t exactly trusted here.

Tonight I totally lost it. I french braided my hair into weird pippy long stocking braids and then, for some reason, went through every picture on my phone to find the ones that made people look like rabbits. I don’t even know. I should go to bed but that would be too normal. Such a weird moImageod.


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