Random Low Pulse Day


What the heck? Its 7pm and my pulse is running at 52 bpm. Probably because I took the whole last week off… But if its 52 now, was it in the 40’s when I woke up?! So weird, usually my pulse runs closer to 70! Sometimes like 58 when I’m really really relaxed in the morning. Image

I had the most awful dream the other day… My mom was like abandoning me so I had to drop out of the district 800 (which was laps around a playground) for some reason? And Audra Shroeder from LB took my spot at regionals, so that was consolation. And then Alicia Ygarza was leading me through EMU and we walked past Mary Cain’s dorm room but she had broken her leg. But she was my friend so I was just casually like “hey what up?” And kept walking.


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