Weekend Roadtrip



Weekend road trip! We got on the bus after a quick 2 hr Spanish class to go to Chichicastenengo. The ride was treacherous, to say the least. The bus was turning through these TINY cobblestone streets. Once we even attracted a crowd trying to get around one corner. Props to the driver! We stopped at the Ixmche ruins, which were awesome, and then another 2 hrs to our hotel. We walked around the market and I bought some cute things from some eager venders. These kids followed us around trying to sell us bookmarks. I felt sad seeing them having to work. Should I have bought their stuff? 


After dinner we sat around the table talking and laughing before going out for drinks at the corner store. We went up on the roof of the hotel, looked out over the city lights, and had a Gallo Red Lager, which is the local guate beer. Went down and played BS and scum in the room for the rest of the night.



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