Guate Walmart


Today we honestly round trip walked 5 miles to go to a Walmart. And all we bought was a notebook and an umbrella. (Luckily because it was raining the whole way back and we kept getting sprayed by the cars!) Well, that and a large (not by american standards) fries from MCDs and a 5-layer burrito (sin carne) from taco bell. So yeah, it was worth it.

Yesterday I went to a real, Latin American Zumba class and I’m so sore! We did like 5 min of straight squatting. Also this crazy arm stuff with water bottles. Surprisingly hard. Got nice and sweaty.

Not a ton of homework tonight so I read in English for 2 hrs! Finished “Running the Rift” about an olympian during the genocide in Rwanda. Poignant, devastatingly sad book. Crazy to think its based on reality.

Keeping thinking about how many times a day I smile, nod, and think “I have no freaking idea what she just said to me”. Its a lot. But I keep tryImageing!


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