My family is nice, and they feed me veggies with every meal 🙂 Sara does not get veggies. How sad. 

Saturday is a beautiful day. At home, Farmers market, Prairie Home Companion… Everyone hanging out, free to pursue projects, doors swinging open, friends dropping by, cleaning our rooms and blasting music. Bonfires and track meets and BBQs and possibilities. This week, I felt the same feeling here. That freedom. But it just made me miss home that much more!

Did a shakeout run for my meet tomorrow. Ran like 8’00 miles and couldn’t breathe again. Dang altitude. I did 4 x a soccer field and felt awesome. Legs and arms in perfect sync. Stride long and powerful. So fresh, such smooth turnover. Perfect… Except I literally couldn’t breathe. This 5k is going to be interesting.Image


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