The Race…


So the gun is set to go off at 7, and my family decides to make the half hr drive starting at 6.. Warmed up as best as I could while staying close to the others (mostly high knees haha). I’m all excited because the front is roped off and all the sponsored athletes are in a special corral in the front. But then the man I was wish from my host family went up to the guard and told him that I should be up there. The guard asked my time, and halfway through stumbling through an explanation that I don’t run the 5k, actually, in Spanish, the guard says “I know who you are!” and pushed me in with all the sponsored athletes!!! Dream come true. Still have no idea what he was talking about. Image

So the actual race.. Idk, I went into oxygen debt at like 1k. The altitude absolutely killed me. I’m pretty sure I absorbed a 7 min mile during my 20:40ish 5k, but apparently at altitude that’s enough to win it! (That, and all the sponsored athletes were going 10k… 2 were ahead of me when I turned off for the 5k finish). At the end, I got my blood oxygenation and blood pressure taken by the medics. Guess I looked bad ha.. Although i stayed on my feet afterwards. Just a little oxygen stressed thats all. Won some vegetable oil (the company sponsored the race. After I finished, the rep ran up to me, gave me two little bottles, made me smile for a picture with him and then sent me on my way… Didn’t see anyone else carrying olive oil. I honestly think I was the only recipient), a GNC gift card, and a camo bandana. Slowest 5k of my life almost but boy it was still hard. The dude who won the 10k also won the Miami Marathon. Today, 31:45 I believe.

My host sister and I…Image


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