What Algebra Doesn’t Teach You

It’s so easy to let fear guide your life. I dragged myself out of bed last week and stumbled to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror, brushing my teeth, having an honest moment with myself. “If I didn’t have a team, there’s no way in hell I would be lacing up my flats for repeat 2-miles. Not at 6:15 am. Maybe in … Continue reading What Algebra Doesn’t Teach You

On Feeling Special: Sexuality and Success in “Get a Job”

Point 1: You are special; you are a child of God. “Don’t just feel special; be special” These are the final six words of the movie “Get a Job” (2016), featuring Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller. Let me tell you, this was adding insult to injury after enduring the 83 minutes leading up to this moment. Two college grads and their buddies are navigating the … Continue reading On Feeling Special: Sexuality and Success in “Get a Job”

Strength in What Remains

I stumbled across this book at “Book Reviews” in Bluffton. I was browsing through the “Mennonite literature” section when the woman working approached me to tell me that the books in the boxes on the floor were all 50 cents. I thanked her absentmindedly, assuming that these were not a particularly high-quality selection. As I was leaving the store, however, I glanced down and saw … Continue reading Strength in What Remains