MCUSA Young Adult Rundown: Orlando 2017

I joyfully received a call from my good friend and fellow EMU grad, Tyler Eshleman, last fall, asking if I was interested in helping him organize young adult events at the upcoming MCUSA Convention in Orlando. Convention was a life-changing, life-giving experience for me in high school, so I’ve made every effort to attend the biannual event since my first one in Columbus, 2009. Young … Continue reading MCUSA Young Adult Rundown: Orlando 2017

Committee Lessons

Actually, this should more accurately be called “things I learned from the people on the EMU Presidential Search Committee,” because my weekends spent working with that amazing group of people opened my eyes in such unexpected ways. Our end goal was to choose a president for the university, which we succeeded in doing. On the way, though, I experienced more vocational discernment and general life … Continue reading Committee Lessons

Mennonite Espionage

What a whirlwind of a week. For those of you who don’t know, I spent last week at orientation for the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program through the Presbyterian church. Although DOOR/Dwell was originally a Mennonite program, it has since done a merger of sorts with the YAV program. I could have applied through MMN, but I decided not to because it required 6 references … Continue reading Mennonite Espionage

Grappling with “Mission”

This summer, I stumbled upon a fact about the Mennonite Church that I had somehow missed before; we are trying really hard to be a “missional people” these days. Ok, no… wait. I knew that, didn’t I? All the Mennonites I know love service, especially overseas. A good chunk of my Mennonite peers are gearing up to depart for year-long service commitments. I guess MMN … Continue reading Grappling with “Mission”