American Dreams

As we were crawling through traffic one afternoon, homebound on I-75/85 through downtown Atlanta, the Chainsmoker’s song “Closer” came on the radio. My housemate commented, “I feel like it’s about Millennial poverty”. I’ll admit, we love it. It’s so… Millennial. Boulder. Tucson. Tattoos. Blink 182. Moved to the city in a broke-down car. We ain’t ever getting older. Man, it’s so catchy. Millennial poverty. The … Continue reading American Dreams

On Being Aware of the Space We Occupy

A few weeks ago we traveled to Bristol, a tiny Appalachian Town in Tennessee where the winding country roads extend for miles in all directions and children playing in the yard stare at you in awe as you run past, what with you being the first person to appear on foot in quite some time and all. I labored up the highest hill I could … Continue reading On Being Aware of the Space We Occupy

The Threads that Keep Us Intact

honeymoon phase / ˈhənēˌmo͞on fāz/, noun. The beginning of something new and exciting. Waking up before your alarm. Butterflies. Giggles. Willingness to do small tasks with great enthusiasm. Hope for the future. Blindness to past pain. In our orientation, they warned us that this would happen. We’ve all experienced little honeymoon phases throughout our lives: the first week of a new school year, the addicting … Continue reading The Threads that Keep Us Intact

Service Introduction!

Hi friends! Since I was a child, I’ve been drawn to serving in inner-city USA, meeting whatever needs arise in the space I’m in. For this reason, I’ve decided to move down to Atlanta to live in the “Big Purple House” with DOOR/Dwell for a year of service from August 2016 – July 2017. Because they cover my room, board, insurance, and bus pass, I … Continue reading Service Introduction!