Committee Lessons

Actually, this should more accurately be called “things I learned from the people on the EMU Presidential Search Committee,” because my weekends spent working with that amazing group of people opened my eyes in such unexpected ways. Our end goal was to choose a president for the university, which we succeeded in doing. On the way, though, I experienced more vocational discernment and general life … Continue reading Committee Lessons


6/14/14 My family is nice, and they feed me veggies with every meal 🙂 Sara does not get veggies. How sad.  Saturday is a beautiful day. At home, Farmers market, Prairie Home Companion… Everyone hanging out, free to pursue projects, doors swinging open, friends dropping by, cleaning our rooms and blasting music. Bonfires and track meets and BBQs and possibilities. This week, I felt the … Continue reading Saturdays


6/9/14 We are at the bus stop now (we ended up waiting 30 min). Sara and I bought a 100 Grand Candy bar… Best thing I’ve ever eaten. We think its because the food here can be bland sometimes (tortillas and beans… And not the yummy unhealthy taco bell kind) I started running again! Yesterday I ran what I guess was 5.9 miles in 44 … Continue reading Running


6/8/14 After a really long walk/boat/bumpy bus ride/car trip back to the city I was feeling so awful. A little carsick, major headache. Lay down in my bed to cry and listen to calm music. Took 2 midol because it was the only medication I have. Started on my homework.  When they called me to dinner in 40 min, I realized how AWESOME I was … Continue reading Drugs

Mayan Spirituality + catholism

6/7/14 We visited a widows coop today in the middle of the mountainous wilderness. We bought gifts from the widows. We rode a little boat across the lake to get to our hotel. This hotel legit did not have sheets or soap. We walked around the village and saw the catholic church, which had alters for burning offerings. A weird synthesis of catholicism and the … Continue reading Mayan Spirituality + catholism